MOTORCYCLING: It's not our hobby. It's our lifestyle.

Speed. Adrenaline. Champions. 
Tornado Bait Racing is the privateer motorcycle race team of AMA Pro Ron Mears and CCS/CMRA racer Suzie Mears.  You'll find them at racetracks and events across the country riding, racingAMA #127 Ron Mears races at Barber Motorsports Park, June 2013., coaching, and having a great time.
Multi-championship winner Ron Mears is passionate about motorcycles. His racecraft and
commitment to sportsmanship have earned
him respect from sponsors, fellow racers, and numerous

Racing with AMA, CMRA and CCS/ASRA
, Ron is sought after for his riding expertise and competitive insight.  He's an expert instructor, racer, mentor, and mechanic.
Ron Mears with his 2016 #7 Overall Trophy.
Suzie Mears races sprints and endurance, and is a founding member of CMRA's G-Baby Racing, a national champion, all-female big bike endurance team.  She actively promotes women in motorcycling via her work in local media and through a variety of social platforms. 

With a robust race and track day schedule, Tornado Bait Racing's active marketing at the grassroots level makes them more than just a race team. Let them expose your brand and products to the lucrative motorcycling community.
                          Ron and Suzie Mears


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